Monday, February 2, 2009


There is one advantage of necessity; there is one joy to be found in biting need. There is a consolation even when the darkest clouds overshadow. It is this: we have an opportunity of registering a supreme act of trust and confidence in a Being supremely and infinitely good and loving. It is not so much that we do a thing or get a thing or have a thing or have any prayer answered but that we show an invincible faith and courage in Jesus Christ. Fr Thomas Augustine Judge

"God is my refuge and my strength, ever near to my heart. What should I fear though the earth should shake or the mountains fall in the sea - God will be my stronghold forever! Psalm 46

May I always embrace all that God sends my way! All I ask is for courage b/c I am the biggest coward on the planet - yet God will fill my lack - He certainly knows of what I am made. It is really cool to have the mindset of Fr Judge who was no stranger to insurmountable odds or adversity. He met it all with cheerful faith, never flagging never doubting. I hope that I can demonstrate that same cheerfulness and trust. I believe we are in for many turbulent time when we must choose between God and our comforts. But be at peace, God is ordaining it and we can completely trust in his Fatherhood! May I always be in the hands of God!

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