Thursday, July 31, 2008


Okay, so I am new at this. The top photo is Sam the arab who is on the perpetual diet. Max is next in profile, the incorrigible "smoochie man" who has a smile for all of us (to be demonstrated as technology advances) and Duchess ultimate queen and not a very good photo so I will have to get with her on that!

Happy tails to y'all!

Rain! Rain! Rain!

This is the third day of rain - some rain at least - down here in drought ridden Alabama. My soul flies with joy at each drop. The last two and a half years have been agony - dry grass, dry earth, trees dying for lack of water. I did compile a list of ten good things about drought to hold my anguish at bay....and to trust that God certainly knows how to keep nature growing! It is pretty idiotic of me to think I know better. At any rate the rain this year has watered my soul as well as the many more people suffered more than my little farm. I hope they are full of joy with each drop as well.

As promised I will start to introduce the animal menagerie here at Marygate. They are mostly happy some of the time! Except for Sam who is in a weight loss camp in the woods - as a long time dieter myself I feel his pain....Bo who as a donkey is allowed to be mornful about everything and is. Everyone else is happy as long as they are fed except the dogs who expect their daily ramble in the thickets around back. You would think twenty acres was enough but no they must explore the other hundred as well!

I do heartily and publicly thank God for the rain! Its cool wetness is salve to the soul.
I guess it is funny that I introduce my animals before my family but I think I want it that way. The children are first always and forever (well you know husbands rank before first in the realm of beforefirstness that is indescrible and goes without saying).

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Teresa Tomeo

"Newsflash! My Surprising Journey from Secular Anchor to Media Evangelist." This is a new autobiography by a gutsy, holy woman of God, Teresa Tomeo. It talks about her incredible life as a news anchorwoman and a radio evangelist and defender of the Catholic faith. Bezalel Books is the publisher (link down below) and Cheryl Dickow, CEO of the company is a dear friend and strong Christian woman herself. Both women are examples of living and serving God in the world today and making a difference.

Congratulations Teresa and Cheryl and may it inspire many women to follow Christ as you do!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Farm

Marygate early in the morning. Stay tuned for the animal show in the next few days!

I just can't sleep

You know the feeling. Your mind is racing with all it has to do. You are over tired. And like a child you fret into your hot, mushy pillow. Your eyes refuse to stay closed. And then you have an idea for an article. Your mind grabs it, chases it, writes and rewrites it......well I might as well get up.

The crickets are going great guns, the frogs are tuning up in the pond. A distant yip yip of a coyote cuts across. They all sound like they belong - belong to the night. "He gives to His beloved in sleep." I guess tomorrow will come and what needs to happen will happen. No use getting stressed about it. The crickets tell me that.

I hope that all of you who are up tonight will take a moment to listen to the still, dark and noisey night. They are good sounds, comforting sounds of the night dwellers. One up for the night - it doesn't have to be bad does it?

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Long Hot Summer

Today the sun is out in full Alabama force and the animals take cover in the woods. The roosters are running all over the woods and encouraging their ladies to come out of the trees. A few rain showers has made most of nature happy this Monday morn.

Sam the horse waits patiently for his ride. The dogs wait patiently for their walk in the back woods with Sam. There seems to be a lot of waiting at Marygate. Waiting to happen. Waiting to be. Waiting to unfold to God's plan.....a waiting with expectation. May she fulfill all the God has for her.

Friday, July 25, 2008

No Time Like the Beginning!

July 25th and Marygate is born on the web. This blog site is dedicated to the Blessed Mother and I ask for her protection and inercession for all that Marygate Farms represents. Located in the very hot location of Trinity, Alabama, Marygate is home to Leo and Harriet, perpetrators, 17 goats, three horses, four dogs, four cats (depending on the day), 15 chickens, and a donkey. From time to time our five children and two grandchildren visit and liven the quiet life up quite a bit. And always we welcome all who want to come and breathe in country air (and a bug or two - uh- million) and just settle down.