Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rain! Rain! Rain!

This is the third day of rain - some rain at least - down here in drought ridden Alabama. My soul flies with joy at each drop. The last two and a half years have been agony - dry grass, dry earth, trees dying for lack of water. I did compile a list of ten good things about drought to hold my anguish at bay....and to trust that God certainly knows how to keep nature growing! It is pretty idiotic of me to think I know better. At any rate the rain this year has watered my soul as well as the many more people suffered more than my little farm. I hope they are full of joy with each drop as well.

As promised I will start to introduce the animal menagerie here at Marygate. They are mostly happy some of the time! Except for Sam who is in a weight loss camp in the woods - as a long time dieter myself I feel his pain....Bo who as a donkey is allowed to be mornful about everything and is. Everyone else is happy as long as they are fed except the dogs who expect their daily ramble in the thickets around back. You would think twenty acres was enough but no they must explore the other hundred as well!

I do heartily and publicly thank God for the rain! Its cool wetness is salve to the soul.
I guess it is funny that I introduce my animals before my family but I think I want it that way. The children are first always and forever (well you know husbands rank before first in the realm of beforefirstness that is indescrible and goes without saying).

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