Wednesday, April 8, 2009


How anxious we should be to make reparation! This should cause us to suffer joyfully the adverse things of our daily life and to receive in a spirit not only of resignation, but of joy, those painful things that God's providence permits to come to us. Trials we have; some are physical, some are mental, some are spiritual, some are temporal. Who is ever free from trial? No one. It should be our joy, for the sake of the Precious Blood, for all for which it stands, to make reparation. Fr. Thomas Augustine Judge

I guess that sums up the goal of my life and how far I am from it sometimes! How I kick against the inconvenience, the wait in line, the cynical retort, the indifference, whatever I feel is not going my way! O Lord help me to see that all is from Your Hand for my benefit! Help me to suffer everything You permit so that I may count myself as one of Your cross bearers! This Holiest of Weeks let me concentrate on Your Sacrifice, Your Scourging, Your Piercing, Your Forgiveness, Your Reparation for the Sins of the world!