Saturday, January 9, 2010


To separate ourselves from the crowd is even necessary for salvation. If we would make ourselves and our dear ones safe we must determine to live in the midst of men but not as of them, to profess maxims opposed to theirs and to confound worldly-wise maxims as the Magi did. There is no alternative; for either, like the Wise Men, we must sacrifice our inclinations to God or, like the assembly of sinners, God to our inclinations.

Wow - now that is a mouthful from Fr Judge! I was thinking the other day from a passage from the epistle of John when he says that if we dwell in the Son of God we have life, but if we don't then we have no life. So, I thought, what is everyone doing out there? They are existing if they don't live for God. Our eternal destiny is what matters and how we spend our lives in service and love to Him who died for us. How can there be any other life worth living? I feel sorry for all who just exist b/c they breath. How empty to just go from one thing to another to survive and hating it all the while? Momentary pleasures and distractions provide a bitter taste in the end that one can't spit out. Oh Lord may more come to know you and blessed triumph of death - your Love!