Thursday, January 29, 2009

Perfect Peace

Be thoroughly convinced that we are the work of the good Master Who with infinite foresight is at all times occupied with His creatures. Under His loving protection nothing can befall us contrary to His Will, nothing can hurt us without His permission. Whatever happens to us is so good that nothing better can be imagined. If He allows desolation to come to us, it is to save us from eternal tears.   Fr. Thomas Augustine Judge

What a way to start the day! Perfect peace knowing that our loving Father has us in the palm of his hand. To rest so wonderfully in His love and care so that no matter what happens I know that He ordains it. I don't want anything outside of his Will. 

The other day my husband Leo asked me to define what being good was. It is to do God's will and be open to His Will for my life. 

Even in these troubled times I can rest and have confidence that God knows what He is doing. This should project me towards whatever He has for me to do and please God may I do it!

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